Welcome to Shadowrock Kennels. We are a small family run business that believes in quality over quantity. I've been training retrievers since 1980 and started working with the pointing breed in 1988. We offer  excellent lines of British Labradors and German Shorthairs.
 British Labs are smaller than an American Labrador.  They will run 50-70 lbs, this makes for a very manageable size. They come in black, yellow, chocolate and fox red. Their personality and demeanor are, bar none, the best we have every dealt with.  The ease of training and the hunting ability of this breed is great. The British Labs were bred to be trained with no heavy hand, this in turn results in a very gentle dog. This makes them a great indoor or outdoor dog.
 We also offer a great selection of classy, stylish and hard-working German Shorthairs. These dogs are natural pointers, retrievers, and backers. We started with some of the best lines in the country; Fancy White Trash, a 23XCH and 3XNCH, 2XCH General Norman and 3XNFC Rawhide's Clown, and our offspring are still proving themselves today. If you are looking for a dog to run hunt tests, NSTRA, or just a good hunting companion we have what you are looking for. 

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